Photo of all my units So, my orders from Lancer and Pendraken have arrived (Lancer several days before Pendraken), and I got started to painting some British riflemen in my Italian colour scheme, and I like how they turned out (although I am far from a good painter, and the Iraqi Sand uniform seem to have a greener hue than I expected!)

I love the Lancer sculpts too. The Brits in the header image are Lancers, and as you can see from the comparison photo of the Lancer (left) and Pendraken (right) MP40-carrying Wehrmacht figures, the Lancers are clearly from the Adler school of “unrealistically chunky”. I really like how that gives them more character and “heft” on the battlefield, compared to the skinnier Pendrakens. Mixing the two brands on a single stand might look slightly weird close up, but I hope it won’t be noticeable in practice on the table.

Which is good, as now everything has arrived, I’ve sorted the figures out according to my OOB in the previous post. Annoyingly, I miscounted how many 30mm square bases I already had, so I’m missing two. I also started painting the Bren-gun armed squads and the MG42s & 81mm Mortars of the German Heavy Platoon. But there’s no excuse to not get all this painted next! Photo of all my units

You can also a few other bits I bought – a 10mm-scale Tobruk bunker and some 10mm scale stone walls (which I quickly painted and flocked up). They are clearly bigger than the 6mm scale farmhouse, but not stupidly bigger, at least.

Oh, and I simplified my German colour scheme by basing it on these examples for the (admittedly 28mm) Bolt Action DAK set and Support Group. But the simple fact that the British have green helmets and the Germans have yellow/tan helmets makes it easy to distinguish them on the table. Also, as you can see from the header image, I can get away with painting the lower arms in flesh to show the men in shirtsleeves, even though the sculpt might say otherwise. Unless you look close, it’s almost impossible to tell.

DAK Paint Scheme Front DAK Paint Scheme Rear

So next up is painting my units, and finish a couple more fields. Then the next battlefield is the Bridge, which needs 24” of river, a bridge (obviously!), a ridgeline, and another BUA and the Bunker painted. So, terrain-wise, I’m very tempted to put in an order for the bridge, a vineyard, and maybe some more walls as well as a building from Battlescale again, as the 6mm-scale farm I got was great. I’m also tempted by these “Big Battalion” buildings from Total Battle Miniatures. But I’ve got lots of painting to go before I need to worry about that!