My Javis Field Zone Battle Mat arrived. It looks good, but I’ve noticed a couple of problems with it already. Firstly, after being stored rolled up in a tube for transport it curls on the table. And also it sheds flock and static grass a lot.

I rolled it out flat on the table and gave it a liberal spray with a water/PVA mix to seal it. That seems to have worked, and flattened it out somewhat, but it’s still not properly flat. So maybe I’ll have to go down the battle-board route in the end, even if it’s just sticking this down to a sheet of MDF or something. But it will do for now at least.

The Trees

My table showing the Woods layout So, after using lots of hot glue and clump foliage (I had to order more), I now have several woodland areas, laid out on the table with the battlemat in a rough approximation of the “Woods” Crossfire scenario.

And it generally looks great, although some of my sizing got a little wonky, so I might have to make one more section to replace one of the smaller ones that’s there at the moment. And my center-bottom wood might be a bit too big. But overall, I’m very pleased.

However, I have got a couple of problems: Firstly, after building each section, I sprayed it liberally with a PVA glue/water mix to seal the clump foliage down, but that has made the sections warp. I should have predicted that, but we all live and learn, eh? It’s not too bad, mostly.

And the other thing is that because of the warping, and my lack of accuracy with cutting and gluing the cocktail sticks means that not all the ‘trunks’ touch the ground. I think I’ve got enough wiggle room in the height to trim them down, but I’m not sure how to best ensure how to get an even cut across all of them and make it aligned.

There’s also a bit of ‘clump-drop’, and I could do with a bit of an overhang on some pieces, bit nothing a bit more hot glue won’t fix.

But it looks like I had hoped, and I’m pleased that I’ve got the first scenario basically built! And this should cover any number of woodland scenarios, I think!

Next Up…

Now I’ve got a good enough set of trees, albeit with some issues, I should start on building my hill. In DBA there are two ‘grades’ of hill, but in Crossfire, it’s not specific, so, for visual interest, I’m going to try and loosely follow this tutorial with a bit of bark I found to build a rocky hill that’s roughly 200x150mm on the table. It’s my first “big build”, and first time at flocking, so let’s see how it goes!