So my first attempt at building a wargame hill went… OK. As I mentioned before, I followed this tutorial, but I also found a video of someone building something similar – Making 6mm Mediterranean Hills! Perfect!

I started with a big sheet of 10mm XPS foam I ordered from Amazon that I cut out several contours with a craft knife in what I thought would be a cool shape, fitting them around a piece of bark I found and cleaned up to use as a bit of an exposed rockface.

Then it was filler to smooth out the stair-steps, but still keep it OK for units to be placed on the slope without tipping over. Then tile grout powder, a bit of sand and lots of PVA. Painting and then covering with a mix of Javis flock.

My table showing the Hill layout Overall, I’m happy with the overall look of the piece, although I’m less happy with the look of the rockface. Here it is, along with some of my previous woods, to make the “Hill” Crossfire scenario. As you can see, the flocking I put together blends with the base mat almost perfectly, but the rock part (both the painting and positioning of it) doesn’t seem quite “right” to my eyes. It also feels smaller in the layout than I expected; maybe perhaps due to the carving down of the original sheets to make the slopes? And you can notice the unevenness of the battlemat much more as the hill doesn’t sit perfectly flat on it, casting an annoying little shadow; that solid battleboard idea is looking more and more tempting…

You can also see in the table photograph that instead of making a very long narrow woodland piece to go at the bottom-left, which would warp badly in my estimation, I’ve used two small woods next to each other instead, which seems to work just as well (and means I have to build less stuff!)

So overall, I’m happy with my hill as a first attempt, but I want to try and make a couple more soon. I’ve got tons of XPS foam left over, and for DBA there can be up to three simple and three “difficult” (i.e. rocky) hills on the table. And they are fun (but messy) to build, and look good. Plus I want to nail the rock look properly!

What’s Next?

Whilst I want to build some more hills at some point, I’m feeling a need to get some figures; even just to check the visual and playable height of my woodlands, I want to check that they can stand up on my hills fine!