So a small box of Germans arrived during the week, and they look good (albeit with a bit of flash that needs cleaning up). I originally tried painting them first and then basing, but it turned out that gluing and flocking the figures down kinda ruined my paint. So this time, I’m going to try and base first. My approach:

Alder US Army

  1. Glue figures to base: Glue 5 figures to a 30x30mm base, and then glue down some fine sand around to provide some ground texture.

  2. Prime: I’ve some some cheap Wilko mid-grey spray primer, so cover the whole base. I then give the base a good wash of black ink to give some definition. I’m not sure this is strictly required, but I think it helps me.

  3. Base Colours: I cover the ground between the figures with a base coat of Burnt Umber brown and then I give the figures a heavy drybrush all over with the main uniform colour. I’m using a Green-Grey for this, which is lighter than “real” Feldgrau, but then again, with 6mm you need to push the colours a bit to make them pop.

  4. Detailing: I use Black-Grey and Brown for boots/guns. And a splash of Ochre for the breadbag, if carried. And a blob of flesh colour for the face and hands.

  5. Agrax Earthshade: A wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade is then liberally applied to each figure to bring back a bit of definition. Although I have heard good things about using Windsor & Newton inks, so I’ll keep that in mind. I mistakenly ordered Gloss, rather than Matt, which I’m less happy about. Although hopefully it will calm down when a matt varnish is applied.

  6. Ground Drybrush and Flock: I give the ground a good drybrush with a cream colour and then dab on PVA and apply the same mix of flock that I used on my hill.

Tools and Paints

I’m mostly using Vallejo Model paints and a 000 Sable brush for most of this (and a old size 1 brush for the base coats and drybrush). But my eyes aren’t what they were when I was a kid, but this magnifying glass & light is a lifesaver!

The colours I’m planning on using are lighter than most model guides, because of the “6mm” effect. The 8th Army colors are based on this video, and the regular army is taken from this Bolt Action guide

  British British (8th Army) German
Base Colour 70.983 Flat Earth 72.034 Bone White 70.886 Green Grey
Kit Colour 70.886 Green Grey 70.917 Beige 71.081 Ochre
Helmet Colour 70.894 Cam Olive Green 72.034 Bone White 70.886 Green Grey

Plus 70.862 Black Grey, 71.041 Armour Brown and 70.955 Flat Flesh for detailing. Also, I need to find a way to focus my camera on closeups better! And get better at painting, clearly.

Onwards to complete a platoon!