So, after just starting to paint my 6mm Adlers (and having ordered a couple a 6mm Resin Farm and Church from Battlescale) – more on that later, I stumble across Pendraken Miniatures who manufacture a lot of 10mm stuff! (An idle Google had led me to this site, and that guy has the same objectives as me, and switched from 6-10mm, and, well…)

It’s a much nicer website than Adler, the sculpts look lovely, and they do smaller packs of figures so I will have less leftovers. 10mm is less good for vehicles (less scope for tiny tanks) and I can see that for Ancients and so, the fact you can fit many more figures on a base (16-24 men in close order with 6mm) than 8, maybe, with 10mm is more to my tastes.

But one of the things that has concerned me a bit with the WW2 figures is that because they are small, and kinda camo, and kinda sparsely arranged on the base, they don’t have much impact, and it could be hard to tell who is who. And I think going to 10mm, with the same base-size, could be good?

So, just out of curiosity, for a German Infantry Company:

  • 1xCompany HQ (3 figures; 2 with MP40, 1 with rifle)
  • 3xPlatoon HQ (2 figures each; 1 with MP40, 1 with rifle, 6 total)
  • 1xHMG Team (tripod mounted gun + crew)
  • 9xRifle Squads (5 figures each; 1 with MP40 + 4 Riflemen Maybe switch to 6x Regular Rifle Squads plus 3x LMG squads for use as fireteams in other systems, even though it wouldn’t make a difference when used as whole squads. (Where an LMG squad is 2 crew, 1xMP40, 2xRiflemen)

With Pendraken, that would be

  • MP40s: 2xGRF3 pack = £3.70 (with 6 left over) or switch one pack for the officer pack (GRF5) for the PC & CC. Either way, same price.
  • Riflemen: 4xGRF1 or GRF2 = £7.40 (this would fit perfectly, but no LMG crews – or, maybe add an LMG pack for an additional £1.85.)
  • HMG team: 1xGRF13 pack = £1.85 (with 2 spare teams)

So, £13-£15 depending on if I want LMGs or not, with ten or so figures spare at most.

With Adler, I bought the G3 set, which includes MP40s & Riflemen are mixed in together. That cost me £5.20. (And it will give me at least 18 figures left over).

But a pack of tripod mounted HMG teams costs £4.25 and gives me 7 spare teams, and if I want to have some LMG crews mixed in with my rifles, that’s another £4.25 and 30 more spare men. Oh, and an HQ strip for some officers, although that’s just 25p.

Add that up, and it works out to about the same price… (well, less, since I’ve already bought the bulk of it). But then if I want to add a 5-figure engineer squad and a mortar team (to match the TOE for those small Crossfire scenarios), that’s two more packs (GS3D & GS3H) from Adler at £4.25 each (and lots of “spares”), or two packs from Pendraken (GRF19 & GRF20) at £1.85 each (with many fewer left over)

The downside, of course, is that the 6mm buildings won’t look right next to these figures, and mixing in Armour would use up space and money fast (although for a few models would be fine, I think)

Will have to have a think, but I’ve got painting to be getting on with anyway!