Ivy Detail on Farm Wall

Like I said in my last post, I ordered a couple of buildings from Battlescale – a farm and a church – which arrived a few days ago. Both of them are look great even unpainted, and the farm design read my mind: It’s a single pre-cast base that’s 75x75mm (my planned terrain element size) with a yard that can fit a 30x30mm base (my infantry base size) comfortably! The church is around 30x55mm, but I’m planning on mounting that on a piece of plasticard and adding a graveyard, and perhaps some rough stone walls from Perfect Six Scenics. But that is to come – back to the farm for now, as that needs no prep work before I could get paint on it.

Whilst the actual architecture doesn’t seem super Italian to me, it was modelled with rendered walls and a tile roof, so it made sense to give it a bit of a Mediterranean feel. So I did a bit of digging and Googling (I wish Setting the Scene Vol II: Creating a Wargames Layout for the Mediterranean was in print!) and ended up going for a beige base coat, heavily dry-brushing the walls in white, and an orange roof with an Agrax Earthshade wash and then re-brushed with orange. It all got rather messy with dribbles from the ink and general mishandling on my part, but I didn’t want it to look pristine anyway! I left the yard a muddy brown, but flocked the outer edge of the base, and put a little bit up on one corner to represent ivy, which worked very well, I think!

I have also almost finished painting my German Infantry Platoon (just the wash and flock to go). Even though they aren’t flocked, putting them on the table assaulting a defenceless farmhouse does look good, which I’m very happy to see.

Ivy Detail on Farm Wall However, I still have thoughts about switching to 10mm on my mind. Looking at them on the table amongst all the scenery, even bringing my eyeline down to a few inches off the tabletop, means that the individual figures get “lost” somewhat. With Ancients or other “massed blocks of men in bright colours”, that seems fine – it’s all about the mass of the formation, rather than each individual soldier. But in WW2, where the men are in a skirmish formation, at least somewhat camouflaged, it all becomes a bit characterless. Now, that’s probably accurate and potentially even an antidote to the “1000’ general” problem, but I do like the idea of them standing out more than they would in reality for gameability and drama!

That’s all just a long way of saying I’m going to order a pack or two of 10mm Germans to see how they look before I make a final decision! Terrain-wise, the Farm scenario needs some fields, road, and walls. I’m leaving the walls until I have made a decision on the figure size, but I can get on with the fields easily enough. So a couple of free carpet samples have been ordered, and I’ll see what they look like when they arrive!

The whole Platoon (now washed and flocked) ready on my cutting board: Front-View