This week I have mostly been waiting for things to arrive in the post, but arrive they have! I now basically have enough terrain pieces to set up the the Farm scenario, as seen here. Whilst I was waiting for my carpet tile samples to arrive, I built a couple of stuccoed low walls out of coffee stirrers, sand and paint, which look great. But then one of them fell out my hands and into the dog’s mouth, so now I’m down one wall!

The Farm Table But the carpet tiles did arrive, as did the flexible road sections from Fat Franks Wargaming. Given I would have to buy all the parts from scratch if I were to build my won, the price for these items was very good, and they look great on the table (and are versatile). I’ve completed one of the fields by adding some border flock and a single tree and a couple of (painted cork) rocks, which looks great. I’m less happy with the “Vineyard” made out of more of a doormat-style material painted green, so I’ll have to experiment with that (as I certainly want at least one vineyard for the semi-Italian vibe). I also need to consider what to with the other two samples for now. But still, this table with the unfinished fields (and one less wall than there should be) looks OK, and will only get better when I finish those items!

Also, the 10mm figures I ordered have just arrived (from Lancer). I also, even though I’m not really tank-focused for this era, added a StuG III Ausf G to the order. As you can see, the infantry looks much bigger in comparison (even though they are tiny compared to the average Games Workshop figure!). Five figures still fit on a 30x30mm base (albeit in a somewhat more crowded way) as does the Stug (just), and they stand out on the table a lot more which should help with “losing” the units on the table where scattered tiny camouflaged men are hard to identify amongst the ground cover regardless of if they are wearing grey or brown!

10mm vs. 6mm Comparison

So, I think, for WW2 at least, I’m going to go for 10mm. So I’m going to order some Brits and see what they are like as well. That leads me to wonder if I should paint them (and the Germans) in my original NWE plan of Feldgrau/Brown. As those colours do what camo does, and blends the figures into the terrain, OR perhaps I should move to a more Italian Campaign tropical khaki drab/reed-green colour scheme (even though I don’t want the full DAK/8th Army “tan shorts” look). Also, should I paint and then base? There’s less room to get between the each figure when mounted to the base now, but also the closeness might make the basing process itself messier. Stuff to ponder!

My farm is out-scale to the figures but I don’t mind that so much because a BUA base would be more buildings than are actually on the table, even for 6mm. I’ll think about that more. Otherwise all terrain I should work fine. But I might need higher walls. Maybe the dog did me a favour…?