• Incoming!

    Photo of all my units So, my orders from Lancer and Pendraken have arrived (Lancer several days before Pendraken), and I got started to painting some British riflemen in my Italian colour scheme, and I like how they turned out (although I am far from a good painter, and the Iraqi Sand uniform seem to have a greener hue than I expected!)

  • The Big Order

    Ro I’ve quickly painted and based a single squad of German Rifles, and that’s convinced me that moving to 10mm (at least for WW2) is the thing to do. Mounted on the same base-size means that the tactical effect is the same, and these figures are much nicer for me to paint – even though I did a quick & dirty job here. Also, it’s much easier to “see” them and what equipment they are carrying.

  • Dog ate my Homework

    This week I have mostly been waiting for things to arrive in the post, but arrive they have! I now basically have enough terrain pieces to set up the the Farm scenario, as seen here. Whilst I was waiting for my carpet tile samples to arrive, I built a couple of stuccoed low walls out of coffee stirrers, sand and paint, which look great. But then one of them fell out my hands and into the dog’s mouth, so now I’m down one wall!

  • Buying the Farm

    Ivy Detail on Farm Wall

  • Six or Ten?

    So, after just starting to paint my 6mm Adlers (and having ordered a couple a 6mm Resin Farm and Church from Battlescale) – more on that later, I stumble across Pendraken Miniatures who manufacture a lot of 10mm stuff! (An idle Google had led me to this site, and that guy has the same objectives as me, and switched from 6-10mm, and, well…)

  • The First Squad

    So a small box of Germans arrived during the week, and they look good (albeit with a bit of flash that needs cleaning up). I originally tried painting them first and then basing, but it turned out that gluing and flocking the figures down kinda ruined my paint. So this time, I’m going to try and base first. My approach:

  • Little Men with Guns

    As I said in the last blog post, I want to get at least some figures to put on the table for scale and to check the overall ‘feel’ of the terrain. Whilst I want to eventually use this table for all manner of eras and battles, I should focus on one to start with. Part of me is tempted to get a DBA Early Imperial Roman army going, but given I’m basing my builds on some Crossfire scenarios, WW2 infantry seem like the obvious choice.

  • Hill 101

    So my first attempt at building a wargame hill went… OK. As I mentioned before, I followed this tutorial, but I also found a video of someone building something similar – Making 6mm Mediterranean Hills! Perfect!

  • Woods and Warping

    My Javis Field Zone Battle Mat arrived. It looks good, but I’ve noticed a couple of problems with it already. Firstly, after being stored rolled up in a tube for transport it curls on the table. And also it sheds flock and static grass a lot.

  • Planning the Terrain

    Building an army seems a bit pointless to start with, as I can’t play in lockdown. So I’m going to start with with terrain. I know the overall style (i.e. 6mm Northern Italy-ish), what pieces do I source/build, in what order, and what size should each part be?

  • A Versatile Locale

    I don’t want to just play with armies on a bowling green with felt shapes for hills and woods and so on. I’m a very visual guy, and part of the fun of this project is making it look good.

  • Welcome and Why

    Many years ago I couldn’t find a dedicated roleplaying club, but there was a nearby wargaming club that did some roleplaying on the side. So I started to get involved in the historical wargaming aspect just to have something to do if an RPG wasn’t running or I couldn’t find the players.